Selling without “sales people”

No false valuations. No false hopes.

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No being passed between departments

We’re a small team with 30+ years experience on both sides of dental practice sales and purchases. Every one of us does “everything”, which means you can talk to us without being passed to different departments, or waiting for someone to get back to you. Valuations, Prep for sale, Marketing to buyers and Financial due-diligence - all in one place.

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No false valuations or false hopes

We’ve seen how deals can fall through and what can go “wrong”. The most common pitfalls?

  • You have been given an unrealistic valuation 
  • You don’t have all the answers during due diligence 

We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our valuations. And we’ll support you right through due-diligence and act on your behalf as the numbers are interrogated. We’re financial experts and we’re in your corner.

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No “sales people”

We’re Finance people, not sales people. We've built a strong reputation for the emphasis we put on financial accuracy. We’re also “people” people and pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built across the industry. So, you won’t get a hard sell or any impersonal treatment from us.

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Our approach

We have expertise across the dental practice sales industry - which means we can offer you a fresh and no-nonsense opinion on any scenario.

Have any questions?

What can I expect from the consultation call?

An informal chat so we get to know you and what you are looking for. We can show how our experience can work for you and offer free, non-obligatory advice.

I’m not sure I want to sell yet but would like some advice on what my options are?

We may be able to suggest options you are not aware of. Planning a sale in advance can make a massive difference to how much you eventually sell for.

I don’t want any of my staff knowing that I’m thinking of selling, is this possible?

Everything we do is anonymous. We will not contact your practice, market it anonymously and have legal agreements with our buyers so they cannot approach you directly.

I work most days and evenings. Would it be possible to have a weekend appointment?

We understand you may be too busy in surgery to talk during office hours. That’s why we offer evening and weekend appointments.

What if I decide after valuation that I don’t want to sell?

That’s absolutely fine. We are open about the service we offer and have an honest relationship with our clients. If you decide not to sell, you are under no obligation to whatsoever.

Once I have decided to sell, how do I tell and prepare my staff?

We are lucky that Professor Andrew Eder has joined our team to help our clients with this matter. He has experience of this and will assist you throughout this process.