Practice Valuations

An accurate practice valuation is KEY to getting the best price for your practice and a successful sale.

How much is my practice truly worth?

An accurate dental practice valuation is key to getting the best price for your practice. So, when you have your practice valued, you want to ensure that it is the most accurate valuation you can get.

An inaccurate valuation can often lead to a deal falling through or slowing the whole process down considerably. It can also mean not getting the price that you deserve.

Whether you’ve never had your practice valued or you’ve had it valued but you are unhappy with the result. We are here to provide you with a valuation that you are happy with and confident that truly reflects the worth of your practice.

We don't believe in hyping up your value to gain you as a client. All that achieves is that we go forward with a figure that is unrealistic and will be exposed when it goes through financial due diligence. There have been many cases where new clients have a set figure in their head from another valuation and have been stuck with a practice they are unable to sell. It is incredibly hard then to remove that figure when the realistic valuation is shown to them.

We believe in getting it right the first time and giving realistic, detailed valuations. We then look at how we can maximise that valuation and work to achieve the optimum amount.

Can I increase the value of my practice?

We are accountants with 30 years of experience in dental finance. We have completed hundreds of practice valuations and have developed our own financial modelling systems. We have seen many deals fall through due to inaccurate valuations and we don’t want that happening to you.

We want to make sure that you are getting the maximum return for your practice for exactly what your practice is worth.

Using our experience and market knowledge, we deliver excellence in practice valuations. We offer a candid and detailed approach to practice valuations as this is the most important aspect of selling your practice.

You can be sure that when we value your dental practice we’ll instantly give you a highly accurate picture not only of how much your practice is worth today, but also of how you could increase the value.

Why is it so important my valuation is accurate?

Any offer on your practice will be based on an initial valuation. If the offer is accepted, any competent buyer will carry out their own financial analysis (due diligence) to ensure everything stacks up and the acquisition will produce the returns they expect.

If the proposition looks less viable than they had hoped, a buyer might decide not to peruse. This may be despite the fact that huge legal and professional costs have been incurred by both parties. Alternatively, they may seek to vastly renegotiate the price, or insist upon changing post-deal conditions, including remuneration terms.

We have seen this happen countless times when we worked for corporate buyers and we can avoid this happening to you. We are the only agency that can offer this insight and can use all our knowledge to produce a watertight, honest and in-depth valuation. We can give you the confidence to make informed decisions however you decide to move forward.

What is included in my practice valuation?

Our practice valuation report will include;

  • A confidential in-depth analysis of your practice's finances
  • Latest financial modelling that is used by the UK dental groups to value dental practices
  • Highlighting areas of concern and potential initiatives to boost profit
  • Benchmarking your practice against industry averages to give you a clear insight into how your practice fares

How do I book a practice valuation?

The first step is to book a consultation call with us. You can do this by contacting us here. We will then discuss the next steps with you on the call.

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